Howard McCain states that there are two Conan movies in the making!

In an article published by a french cinema portal Howard McCain talks about his involvement in the project, the status, the director and that from his knowledge the Conan producers are thinking about doing two separate Conan movies that are not connected. One would be based on McCain and Blackman’s script and the other on Donelly’s and Oppenheimer’s script.

He also states that Bret Rattner is attached to the project, but he hasn’t come to terms and the last pieces are not tied yet, though without openly stating it, he does not like Rattner to be attached to it by hinting at what the fans on the Internet have been saying is pretty much what he thinks too…

Then he shortly jumps to describing the direction of his own script as a more mature, dark and gritty approach than Milius was doing. No humour, just brutal Conan in its full glory. The main inspiration for his version of the script is coming from the two REH short stories: A Witch Shall Be Born of the People and Black Circle.

These are very strange news and i bet that many people reading this right now are confused on to what Paradox and Millenium are really up too. How can they possibly make two Conan movies, not connected? Was this just a misunderstanding of the interviewer and McCain? So many questions and so few answers from any official source.

UPDATE: Thanks to an explanation of a commenter there arose another possibility. The movies will be done “one after the other”. That sounds like what happened in the 80′ s. Two movies who are not related in style or character. Let’s hope that does not turn out to be the case, as this would kill the franchise yet again as it did back then. Additionally in another french interview he spoke of whos script would be picked first, so i guess this is all some kind of lost in translation problem.

The main problem though remains: We have a mediocre script by Donelly/Oppenheimer revealed, a secret script by Blackman/McCain – who have shown great interest and knowledge in Conan and talent in their latest screenplay efforts – and the rumours around a not so much loved Director called Bret Rattner. We will see how this turns out and if Conan ever comes to live at all and if he does, in what state. Exciting times!