Brett Ratner talks to MTV about Conan script

Again Mr. Brett Ratner, the man of a thousand projects, talks to MTV about the new Conan Movie and this time about the script in question. He still does not say that he is with the project, but the specifies that the script he looked at was written from Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain and not from the other ones. He also states that he is very close to a descision on the project and that the script is close to the original.

Now we don’t know how familiar Ratner is with the original works of REH, but at least he pretends that the script is close to the original and therefore the latest rumored script might not be the one they are going to make into a movie in the end.

If Ratner really takes on the Conan project, he better puts all his effort into it, because the hungry Conan fans are barbaric by nature and if he treats their baby like X-Men 3, he might end up getting his head chopped off… metaphoricly speaking of course 😉