Conan REH stories brought to life in a TV series by a British Production company

As reported in the official Conan boards a British production company, also consisting of people who created the Rome TV series, are planning to pursue a TV series based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan short stories.

Due to Copyright reasons they are going to use the Public Domain stories as the source for the series, to avoid any trouble with CPI and not use the Conan name in the advertisement or title of the treatment. As reported by an associate of the group the usage of the name Conan in the series itself is not prohibited, since it is a very common Gaelic name.

The present working title for the first treatment is supposed to be “Robert E Howard’s The Devil In Iron” and they plan to make it with a 90 minute length. Not much more than these outlines are known yet as the project itself is in its early stages.

To me this sounds very interesting as the adaptation of the REH stories directly points out to be much closer than any movie can ever go, due to different market, costs and structure of a series compared to a full feature film. The fact that creatives from Rome are involved spawns even more hope, because i personally thought the series was done with the right production values and had the right detail to characters and setting that many movies cannot afford due to time limitations (recent example Watchmen, which is a great movie but feels a bit “stuffed”).