Brett Ratner talks about Conan casting in MTV interview

This guy is really not letting any of his fishes slip. Yesterday MTV interviewed Ratner and asked him some questions about Conan casting. While MTV might over interpret his answers, as he is just stating what he thinks might be best, this could also mean that Mr. Project Ratner, the man of a thousand projects is trying to tackle Conan too.

I think after him stating that he is doing so many movies and Conan being his least choice and that he read the Comics (and if he’d heard of the books he would have mentioned it at that point).. its really time to ditch this director. He doesn’t know and openly stated doesn’t care enough about this license.

But until we have any official confirmation on the who’s going to direct Conan it seems Ratner likes to keep himself in the talks. Perhaps that’s also his (obviously working) strategy to look like a wanted man in Hollywood.