While we wait…

In times when true men patiently wait for more news or rumors on the upcoming Conan movie, they often refer to distraction and since the lamentation of the women would be a too obvious choice, we fall back to more standard distractions.

First we start with a refreshing remake of “Barbarian” from the C64. This flash game is quite a well done remake of the old classic Barbarian, and lets you fight against a human opponent or a computer enemy. They even included a well done remake of the old SID soundtrack. Play it and distract your thoughts!

Anyone who has grown up in a certain time and day might remember the quite cheesy comic version of Conan in TV. A fellow named Bleeek79 uploaded most (if not all) of the series to youtube. If you feel the need to shorten the waiting and if you just finished rereading Howard and if rewatching Ahnuld flex his muscles is too tiresome, then jump into the old cartoonish take on Conan and have a good laugh 😉