Brett Ratner still on the project?

Rumours, Rumours everyday, but what would we do without them? We would be bored, right? 🙂

Drew McWeeny wrote in an article on hitfix that even though he thinks it seems unrealistic how many movies Brett is doing right now he was together with Avi in Bulgaria.

Because Ratner was in Bulgaria this week.  With Avi Lerner.  I’m pretty damn sure about that.
And Bulgaria is where Avi Lerner is producing “Conan.”  I’m pretty damn sure about that, too.

The fact that he’s so damn sure about it really makes us think how Brett can pursue so many movies at the same time and why Avi would bring such a man to Bulgaria, if he is so occupied with other projects, that come first in the mind of Brett Ratner, as he stated himself in December. Why show your studios to a director that wants to do 2-3 movies before Conan that have not even started filming?

We will see what the future brings and if the fact that Ratner really is a busy man will bring us another director, that has more heart for the new Conan movie.